I am a psychologist, psychoanalyst, and consultant for parents. I provide therapy for adults and adolescents, counseling for couples, and consultation for parents.

Most of us think of a therapist or counselor when we need help with some suffering that feels urgent, or even desperate. You can’t unravel your life crisis by yourself. Your relationship may have gone off the path and be in danger. You can’t sort out how to be helpful for your child. You may feel anxious, depressed, isolated, or just have feelings that are too strong to be tolerable. You may see that your pleasure is limited and you dread the future as an unrolling of the same cloth. You are looking for some help and guidance.

I provide caring help for you at times like these. I know a great deal about the workings of emotions and this interior world, and I am comfortable with the often surprising strength of fear, anger, and feelings we can carry. I will listen carefully to hear what is important to understand in your situation. Understanding what is going on out of your awareness, what you can’t see, is the first step to helping your immediate situation. Later it will be possible to see how today’s problem is an aspect of your larger fabric, and may offer an opportunity for life change.

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