Everyone is organized around their important relationships. From the time we are infants until we are adults we do better when our important relationships are functioning well, and we are in stress when they are not. We grow in response to the ways that our needs for this comfort and help are provided for. (And the pain or even trauma when they are not.) As young children we silently adapt ourselves to those we depend on. We privately weave these early experiences into our unique selves. Although out of awareness, we carry these creatively woven patterns forward with us into each phase of our life.

My study of psychology is about understanding how these experiences weave together to make the unique fiber of each individual person. Our enduring patterns lead to our way of being in relationship, how well we value ourselves, the stability of our emotional life, and our general life contentment. Sometimes these patterns serve us well and help us to have satisfying relationships and accomplishments as we move on in our lives. Yet sometimes these very patterns that have let us connect in the past are what cause us problems now. These almost invisible threads of our being are the underlying warp of our lives, and these threads are involved when our lives are not working.

In therapy we will explore your present and past relationships. Therapy works to free you to make changes in how you are living your life now by loosening these threads to your past connections. Therapy can help you understand and then change ways that you interact within your relationships and with the world. Your sense of self, your behavior, your relationships can change in deep and abiding ways. You will learn to listen to and understand yourself in increasingly useful ways. Therapy is a new relationship that gives you the opportunity to do some re- weaving of parts of yourself. The effects of some of your earlier experiences can be reworked to change the patterns in your particular fiber.

A therapy client is looking for a helpful partner at this very painful time. You have some awareness of what is painful or wrong for you, and that your current concern is possibly imbedded in your life as a whole. You want to work closely with someone who will care and understand where you are trapped now. You want your therapist to be able to understand the less obvious parts of you, to discover your more hidden patterns. It makes sense to you that this will be a mutual project of discovery. You know that what you learn about yourself will be helpful over time, as well as for this current life problem.

To be a truly helpful therapist to you in this journey together I provide clear guidance and an emotionally safe place to explore your hidden and possibly painful feelings and thoughts. We will explore your present and past relationships and come to understand how they influence your current sense of yourself. I know a great deal about the workings of this interior world, and I am comfortable with the often surprising strength of fear, anger, and feeling we can carry there. I am deeply curious about your personal experience and I work to see and hear you from your vantage point.

About me. I completed my Ph.D. in Psychology in 1979. In 1992 I completed my post-doctoral work in psychoanalysis; the in depth study of development and personality. My focus of study is on how we weave together our experiences with life into our unique selves, and how a new therapy relationship can reweave some of our fibers. I have been in private practice since 1980, and through these years have in a deep, respectful and helpful way heard the unique experience of many different people.

Contact. If you would like to make an appointment or have any questions please contact me. My voice mail is confidential and answered only by me. I will call you personally to discuss your questions and arrange for an appointment if you want to do this. In our first meeting we will discuss your goals and wishes and decide together how best to proceed.

Phone: 503.224.8116